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1. seat is o-type ring and floating seat structure, make flat valve import and export seal; And the structure of the opening and closing moment for the common valve only 1/2, can achieve easily open and close the valve
2.When full open, channel smooth to linear, flow resistance coefficient is tiny, the pressure loss, can connect MAO qiu cleaning line
3.The three, with the packing structure of sealing ability, without constant adjustment, features very light open and close and sealing is reliable, stuffing box place an assisting sealing grease injection structure, sealed performanceis absolutely reliable and get a true zero leakage;Solve the common valve packing place the most easily leak of evils
4.flat valve closed can automatically unloaded lumen high pressure, ensure safe operation
5.fully closed structure, protective performance is good, suitalbe for the requirements

Product advantages

The resistance to flow is smallWith flow guide hole flat valve installed in the tube on direct use clear pig clear tube.
Seat sealing surface will not be damaged when body thermal deformation

Flat Gate Valve
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