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    High-performance Butterfly Valve
High-performance Butterfly Valve


Pressure class:class150~class600 6bar~50bar
Diameter range: 3”~160”
Operation:manual, electric, pneumatic, pneumatic-hydraulic,etc.

Soft seal eccentric butterfly valve seat USES the material of PTFE, mainly is suitable for the gas transmission and the highvalve life requirement in the high requirement media, normal life can reach one million times. The tighter the double flange embedded thing, the greater the pressure seal performance is better. Replace seat is simple, just take off the seat embedded thing, don't need remove the board and the shaft. The double seal eccentric butterfly plate match with single piece of flexible lip type, and is suitable for the occasions that need reliable sealing and fine requlatory function. As double eccentric butterfly plate designing , the valve has the strict seal performance, long service life and can be quickly cut off or adjust flow.
Product is suitable for all kinds of industrial pipe in liquid and gas transmission. It also can used for special medium, such as oxygen, chlorine, high vacuum, fight sulfur or corrosive medium. The product can also have fire prevention structure. Connection modes can be adopted for wafer or single flange design.
Design basies
Design Standard:API609;GB12238-89
Face-Face:DIN3202-K1;BS5155;MSS SP-67 EN558-1 20 Series ect.
Side Flange Ends:DIN2501 PN10/PN16;ANSI125/150;AS2129
Table D/E;BS4504;JIS10K;BS10- D/E ect.
Upon Flange : ISO5211
Test Standard: API598
High-performance Butterfly Valve
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