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Quality assurance measures
Date Published   2012/11/5


Quality assurance measures

We have established a quality assurance system according to ISO9001 Quality Management System standards, in order to govern the design, production, installation and service assurance model.


1. Pre-production Preparation

1.1 Preparation of Documents and Data

Operation in strict accordance with the requirements of the quality assurance system files. Technology R & D department is responsible for product design drawings, process documentation and the necessary tooling design and review, to ensure the correctness of the drawings, process feasibility. Procurement and supply department is responsible for procurement documents preparation in accordance with the drawings. Quality control department is responsible for developing inspection plans and inspection regulations.


1.2 Preparation of Materials

The rough, raw materials and purchased components must be run in a qualified vendor. Supplier must provide qualified certificate (certificate of approval).


2. Process control

2.1 Effective control to the factors in the production process (people, machines, materials, regulations, Environment).

2.1.1 People

We give quality awareness training to staff for enabling them to firmly establish the idea of ​​"quality first, prevention first" and give technical training to professional and technical personnel.


2.1.2 Machines

Our production and testing equipment can well meet production needs. Regular maintenance shall be conducted strictly according to repair and maintenance program to ensure that the device is in normal working condition. Equipments operated strictly according to equipment management specification and production carried out according to the requirements of technical papers. The main production processes can be finished independently by ourselves.


2.1.3 Materials

In case of problem arising from rough, raw materials and purchased parts in the process of production, we follow the "cost submitted to time and time submitted to quality”.


2.1.4 Regulations

We have established an effective quality assurance system, in which everything can be well managed, conducted, supervised and recorded. We have developed a quality policy and quality objectives to ensure perfect quality. Production equipment department shall arrange production strictly accordance with the drawings, process and standards, and monitor of the execution of technical regulations. Quality Inspection department shall carry out critical control point inspection, control, and checking strictly in accordance with the inspection plan and inspection regulations to ensure product compliance.


2.1.5 Environment

Environment of factory area, site area and movable areas in the scene are under effective control and with specific identification. Production field is neatly ordered and production civilized and safety.


3. Control of Nonconforming Product

When substandard goods found in the production process, the inspector will immediately mark non-conforming product. Isolate product and start the notification and processing of orders. After nonconforming product disposal conclusion has been made, the relative departments responsible for planning corrective and preventive actions. At the same time, the quality control department will conduct follow-up inspection to confirm the effect, thus to ensure product quality compliance.


4. Product Assembly and Shipping

Assembled and test run according to assembly features and technical specifications; painted according to process; packaged according to packaging technical specifications. The products cannot be dispatched until they have been qualified and labeled by quality inspection department.



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