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Service Commitment
Date Published   2012/11/5


Service Commitment


Based on the quality philosophy of "quality-oriented and customer foremost”, we hereby commit the following commitments to the quality of the equipments and technical services, and after-sales service:


1. Quality Commitment


We guarantee that all our supplies are made by reasonable technology, process and qualified materials, and conforming to contract-situated quality, specifications and performance requirements. Valves can provide with a satisfactory performance in its service life after been properly installed, operated and maintained. After equipments are manufactured, we carry out detailed and all-around tests to inspect the quality and performance according to their contracts for ensuring satisfied quality. And then we issue product’s approval certification and inspection records and notify the buyer coming and inspecting the equipment for acceptance.


Period of warranty for valves is 18 months after installation and commissioning. During this period, we are responsible for any deficiencies or failures arising from the defects in design, technology and materials. The expenditures arising from equipment replacement and repair are borne by our company. Meanwhile, the quality guarantee period of replacement and repair spare parts shall be extended accordingly. After period of warranty period, we offer lifetime services for valves and only charge accessories cost fees.


2. Technical and After-sales Service Commitment


(1) Field Service


During equipment installation, commissioning and quality assurance, we will send experienced engineers to the site to provide users with reliable technology services, specifically:


During installation and commissioning, engineers or technicians will be sent to the scene to offer user installation instruction, provision of technical services and necessary training. To make sure users can do skillfully operate and valve tests and inspections. In case of difference in performance and technical specifications found due to quality problem in test, we are responsible for corrective solutions until meet the requirements.


Quality warranty period: professional engineering and technicians will be sent to offer instructions;

Normal operation period: according to customer requirements, relevant personnel will be sent to the site for customer service.

Maintenance services: Lifetime services with only accessories cost will be charged.


(2) Technical Services and Technical Data


To ensure engineering quality, we provide field on-site installation, commissioning, maintenance documents and relative information. We ensure the timely delivery of the tender provisions of the relevant technical documents and drawings; provide users with a complete installation manual, operation and maintenance documents; and also provide users with the satisfaction of qualified electrical and mechanical equipment and first-class technical service. We always keep users updated with detailed technical information of our newest products.


(3) Service Response Period


Reply within two hours for customer quality complaints; arrived at the scene within 48 hours for quality accident, until problem was properly settled down.



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